Latest Update: October 11, 1999

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First edition May 13, 1998


Update Notes: This is an extensive one, with 10 new families added, 46 new species, and additions/corrections.improvements to 26 existing entries. Also, a special preview of the upcoming Mushrooms of the San Mateo County Coast.

October 11, 1999
New Family Pages New Additions to Families New/Better Images and Changes/Corrections on Existing Pages

10/11/99: New Family Pages:

Vinca major - (Periwinkle)

Aralia californica - (Elk Clover)

Equisetum telmateia ssp. braunii - Giant Horsetail

Juncus balticus - (Baltic Rush)
Juncus effusus var. pacificus - (Pacific Bog Rush)
Juncus patens - (Spreading Rush - Blue Rush)

Myrica californica - (California Wax Myrtle)

Piperia elegans - Rein Orchid
Spiranthes romanzoffiana - Hooded Lady's-tresses

Polypodium californicum - California Polypody

Tropaeolum majus - Garden Nasturtium

Plectritis ciliosa ssp insignis - Plectritis, Pink
Plectritis macrocera - Plectritis, White

Verbena lasiostachys var. scabrida - Robust Verbena


New Family Pages New Additions to Families New/Better Images and Changes/Corrections on Existing Pages


10/11/99: New Additions to Family Pages:

Conium maculatum - (Poison Hemlock)
Daucus carota - (Queen Anne's Lace)
Foeniculum vulgare - (Fennel)
Oenanthe sarmentosa - (Pacific Oenanthe)

Eriophyllum confertiflorum - (Golden Yarrow)
Eriophyllum lanatum - (Woolly Sunflower)
Wyethia angustifolia - (Narrow-leaved Mule Ears)

Amsinckia menziessi var. intermedia - (Intermediate Fiddleneck)
Cryptantha micromeres - (Minuteflower Cryptantha)
Myosotis latiflolia - (Forget-Me-Not)

Future table entry for Arabis globra - (Tower Mustard)

Symphoricarpos albus var. laevigatus - (Snowberry)

Silene scouleri grandis - (Scouler's Large-flowered Campion)
Spergularia ruba - (Ruby Sand-spurrey)

Sedum spathulifolium - Stonecrop

Athyrium filix-femina - Western Lady Fern

Lotus heermannii var. orbicularis - Mat Forming Lotus

Allium dichlamydeum - (Coast Onion)
Allium triquetrum - (Welsh Onion)

Epilobium cilatum ssp. watsonii - (Watson's Willow Herb)

Cynosurus echinatus - Hedgehog Dogtail
Polypogon monspeliensis - Annual Beard Grass

Linanthus bicolor - Bicolor Linanthus

Rumex crispus - Curly Dock

Rhamnus crocea - Spiny Redberry

Cotoneaster sp. - Cotoneaster
Holodiscus discolor - Cream Bush
Horkelia californica - California Horkelia
Oemleria cerasiformis - Oso Berry
Potentilla anserina ssp. pacifica - Pacific Cinquefoil
Rubus spectabilis - Salmonberry

Castilleja densiflora - Denseflower Owl's Clover
Veronica americana - American Brooklime



New Family Pages New Additions to Families New/Better Images and Changes/Corrections on Existing Pages

10/11/99: New/Better Images and Changes/Corrections on Existing Pages:

Sanicula crassicaulis - Pacific Sanicle: Added image of seed pods.

Achillea millefolium - Common Yarrow: new image showing pink color variation
Artemesia californica - Mugwort: new images of flowers and seed, such as they are.
Cirsium occidentale - Cobweb Thistle: new images of flower and cobweb fiber. What a great plant!
Helenium puberulum - Rosilla: New shot of flower head

Berberis pinnata pinnata - Coast Barberry: New images of berries and flowers all the way from North Peak!

Corrected scientific name for Brassica birapa (nee campestris) - Field Mustard.
Corrected entry for Erysimum franciscanum - (San Franciso Wallflower) - My error in that E. capitatum. was never found on the coast.

Sambucus racemosa var. racemosa - Red Elderberry: Added picture of berries.

Dudleya farinosa - Bluff Lettuce: New images from great year of blooms.

Corrected common name of Centaurium muhlenburgii . from Monterey Centaury to June Centaury. Picky. Also cleaned up page layout. Pickier.

Ribes sanguineum
var glutinosum
- Flowering Currant: New images of developing fruit and blooming plant. It's a very photogenic species.

Corrected scientific name of Rigid Wood Mint to Stachys ajugoides.
S. ajugoides. and S. bullata californica.: How to tell them apart.
Also cleaned up pages.

Chlorogalum pomeridianum - (Soap Plant): New picture showing leaves and new pictures and text obsessing about the wonders of the bulb. They are awfully cute.
Dichelostemma capitatum - Blue Dicks: New closeup of flower.
Trillium albidum - (Sweet Trillium): New pictures from spring of 1999.
Trillium ovatum - Coast Trillium: New image of seed pod.

Pinus radiata - (Montery Pine): New picture of developing cones.

Eriogonum latifolium - Coast Buckwheat: New images of flowers and of butterfly feeding.

Delphinium californicum - California Coast Delphinium: New picture of seeds.

Fragaria vesca - Wood Strawberry: Added picture of ripening berry.
Potentilla hickmanii - Hickman's Cinquefoil: New picture from bloom of 1999.
Rubus parviflorus - Thimbleberry: Added pictures of berries.
Rubus ursinus - California Blackberry: Added picture of berries (finally) and feeding catepillar.

Galium aparine - Goosegrass: Moved a little closer to native status, added info on medicinal effects and use as a Stinging Nettle soother.

Tellima grandiflora - Fringe Cups: New closeup picture - years of stalking pays off.


New Family Pages New Additions to Families New/Better Images and Changes/Corrections on Existing Pages


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